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Recap of our Webinar: 104 Years Since the Balfour Declaration


The webinar held on November 14th, 2021 exceeded all our expectations -- due in great part to the high quality of our Panelists, to our co-sponsors, and last but not least to the Participants, whose attendance and keen interest in the topics addressed are self-evident by the over 700 registrations.

First, here is the recording of the webinar for all to hear and see, whether you attended or missed the event.

As promised, we are posting here some of the answers to the questions in the Q&A box.

More will follow as soon as the Panelists addressed, will provide the answers.

Quoting Questions, And Providing Answers:

Question 1:”If Israel takes sovereignty over the Jordan valley and areas of Jewish communities what is left of “West Ridge “for a Palestinian State? Is that enough for [a] viable state? perhaps an expanded Gaza into the northern Sinai should be considered”?

Response by Doug Altabef: Ultimately the viability of a Palestinian state will be far less a function of territory than it will be of values, vision and the willingness to build a society without having to be covetous of Israel.

Question 2: “Recall that in the UN’s partition plan of 1947, the Jews were allotted non-contiguous territory in a bizarre jig saw puzzle map. We agreed to it. Why? Because the important thing was to have a state”.

Response by Doug Altabef: I think that the failure of there to be a Palestinian state lies with their own obstinance, rejection and actually complete non-interest in building a viable state, as opposed to destroying ours.

Territory is not a bar to statehood, nor a guarantee of it. The question is far deeper and cultural/religious/political.

The Balfour Declaration and its long-term implications, is like 2 sides of a coin. The shiny side up and the unseen lesser recognized darker side. The Palestinian area was one of 2 posited places for the Jewish people. It seems the British Gov’t played a double game, informing the Judaic camp that the Palestinian area would be provided, whilst informing the Arabs that such a move would not happen. Is it not this double handedness the initiating cause of all the problems that are still going today? As such, should there be pressure towards the British Gov’t to be much more involved in supporting Israel and fighting global anti-Semitism as much as the US is doing?

You have indeed identified the seamy underside of Balfour, which is that there was a political aspect to it in terms of getting support for the British war effort. This included trying to enlist Arabs in the British cause, and, like the movie/play The Producers, the British allocated more than 100% of the territory, and also made contradictory pledges.

Question 3: See Translation below

هل يمكن نتكلم باللغه العربيه و شكرا.

Founder of the Ahwazi liberal party,

تحياتي للجميع الاساتذه المحاورين و ايضا كافه الموجودين اكلمكم بصفتني مؤسس الحزب الليبرالي الاحوازي و اعتقد الكثير من الاخوه الموجودين هنا في هذا المؤتمر الرائع يعرفون الاحواز اسمع كثيرا تتردد كلمة فلسطين و هنا وجب ان اتدخل حتي اعرف عن نفسي و القضيه التي امثلها ايران تحتلها ايىان منذ ١٠٠ عام منذ ١٩٢٥ لحد هذه اللحظه و هي تعادل ٢١ ضعف اسرائيل اي نصف العراق مبادل كل بلاد الشام و ضعفي الامارات المتحده ما اريد اقوله نحن ابنائكم من السلاله الابراهيميه السلامه كما نعرف التاريخ و العدوا التي يهدد الجميع اي ايران ك دوله قوميه اي حركه قوميه عنصريه تعادي الجميع نشارككم الكثير من القواسم و ما نوصي فيه كما نتعلم منه اي تعلمنا من المبادئ العظيمة للصهيونيه ان لا تفرطوا بشبر واحد من اراضيكم التاريخيه و نحن ندعم حق تحرير باقي اراضيكم مثل يهوذا وسامره كما نتمنا من حضراتكم دعم قضية شعبي اي الاحواز المحتله و التي تقع في جنوب غرب ايران


“Greetings to all the interlocutors, as well as to all those present, I speak to you in my capacity as the founder of the Ahwazi Liberal Party, (More about the ALP) and I thank many of the brothers present here in this wonderful conference know Al-Ahwaz. A year since 1925 until this moment, which is equivalent to 21 times Israel, that is, half of Iraq is the exchanger of all the Levant countries, and twice the United Arab Emirates. Everyone -- we share a lot with you, and what we recommend as we learn [?from him], that is, we learned from [the I attended] this symposium in order to express my full solidarity with Israel and the Jewish nation as a history and civilization. The presence of all peoples in this region, and that is why I hope to allow me to do so, with all the love, all the respect, and long live peace principles of Zionism not to..

We in the Ahwazi Liberal Party have a unique idea and with directives towards it the radiance of peace, we send greetings from my oppressed people to the nation of Jews, our loved ones, our brothers and cousins, Amina Mahmoud, Head of Ahwazi Women’s Affairs in the Ahwazi Liberal Party All love and appreciation to you”

Response from Goldi Steiner: We thank you for attending and supporting our cause -- spreading facts to all truth and peace-loving people throughout the world. Our mission is to Debunk the “Occupation” myth and other lies.

Question 4: “If the term OCCUPIED is not correct (Isn't it a military WORD) - why would Israel refer to "occupied" lands and feed into the problem? If Israel has a LEGAL right to exist...why is that not sufficient to stop the discussion and argument”?

Response from Goldi Steiner: Yes, Israel has indisputable Rights to the land from the River to the Sea under International law. The problem with the term “Occupied” is that it is a blatant lie, referred and repeated ad nauseum by the enemy. Ours is a battle to STOP the lies, and end the argument.

Question 5: “So how do we respond to media which gives open access to those like Desmond Cole and Shree Pradakar [TDSB] who incorrectly refer to Israel as a foreign colonialist presence? This has been addressed constantly by pro-Israel commentators and advocates”.

Response from Goldi Steiner: CILR is one of the most active and ardent opponents standing up to TDSB’s open support of AntiZionism. We make every effort to get the Mainstream organizations add action to words. This is the missing part of adopting the IHRA definition. We are struggling to get our extensive amount of Educational Material out to the public, tocounterpoint the curriculum taught by the TDSB and educational institutions such as the University of Toronto and York University which not only tolerate but abet Antisemitism/AntiZionism within their student bodies.





​Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights - CILR D E C L A R A T I O N

We hold no grudge against those spewing hatred against us, the Jews. They know not why they are hating us. But we have everything against the institutions and authorities – who spew this venom and incite hatred among the ignorant, while they know better! They trample on the truth, selling their soul for a pot of lentils!

We also have everything against those whose duty is to stand up against the lies; to call out the lies and, still more, to act with fervor and defend the truth. Yet they neglect those duties, be it for some earthly benefit, or from sheer cowardice.


Co-Chairs of CILR


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