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Mission Statement


Much has changed since our initial mission statement created at the inception of our advocacy movement in 2009.  We have not stopped since to walk up the down staircase.



We, Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, are dedicated to educating Israeli and Diaspora-Jewish, and non-Jewish youth, as well as the public at large, including the international community, about Israel’s Legal Rights, to the land from the river to the sea, under international Law.




BECAUSE: Antisemitism/AntiZionism is gaining force like wildfire, due in part to ignorance, and a great deal of propaganda. 


BECAUSE:  Academia, the media, politicians and diplomats, whether through ignorance or ill-spirit, distort reality, and manage to poison the minds of innocent, unsuspecting students, as well as the vulnerable, misinformed world community, whose only source of information comes from the mainstream media, itself dominated by Woke-ism and other dangerous inanities.


The facts, as outlined in The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, authored by Salomon Benzimra, have been reviewed and confirmed by the Legal Department of the Government of Israel, at the time of its publication.


Our aim is to bring knowledge to the uninformed and the misinformed in order to counter the lies espoused by those, spewing Jew-hatred, often camouflaged as AntiZionism 


By providing factual information, we will empower those students -- who today have only partial or scant knowledge of the true facts about Israel’s rights -- to withstand all the falsehoods they are being accused of in the toxic university environment, where Israel is labeled an ‘Occupier’, an Apartheid state, and worse.


True to our mission, we firmly and fearlessly stand up to those who accuse us-- the Indigenous Jewish people -- of “occupying” our own land. 


Our voice may be small, but our resolve is unbreakable! We will fight to debunk the ‘Occupation’ lie and other myths, until they crumble like the Tower of Babel.

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