Brydon Bay Retreat: An Innovative Summer Get-Away For University Students


May 28, 2019

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is proud to co-sponsor a very exciting innovative program aimed at emboldening the next generation of Zionists! We hope this includes you!

We have all heard about the rising antisemitism around the world, especially on university campuses.

IMAGINE!: A program that will help attendees to learn how to counter the hatred, lies and outrageous BDS that is being foisted on kids on campus on a regular basis.

Brydon Bay Retreat is such a program, designed to inform, empower and support our children in a camp setting at Camp Sholom. How? With great speakers addressing our youth in a beautiful summer setting with exciting programs, good food and great people.

From Friday June 28th to Monday July 1st we have invited top speakers from around the world, including Daniel Greenfield and Rudy Rochman, to come to Brydon Bay for a great ground-breaking event.

Daniel Greenfield and Rudy Rochman

VISUALISE IT!: Participants sitting under a tree or down by the water in small interactive interest groups where they will be able to personally dialogue with renowned speakers while sitting with their feet in the water or jumping in for a quick swim – or while roasting marshmallows.

THE GOAL?  To build the next generation of proud Zionists by not only giving them the information to counter the ‘oh so familiar anti-Israel nonsense’, but as well, to build up their inner strength and determination by teaching pro-active skills as well as building social connections with other young Zionists so our youth will never feel isolated on campus again.

If you have university aged children or grandchildren who would be interested in a great long weekend event where they can learn about Israel while relaxing on the beach with new friends, this is the event of the summer.

This entire weekend of outstanding speakers, rustic accommodation and good food is available for the great price of $90!

Please share this information with university age young people that you might know. To find out more about this event or to register go to:

Help us make sure that the next generation has the skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and hate-free Jewish community in Canada and Israel.

Irving Weisdorf, Andria Spindel, Shirley Anne Haber and Daniel Bordman



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