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About Us - Canadians for Balfour 100 Affiliates


  • Alan Baker, Advocate, Ambassador (ret.) - Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

  • Brooke Goldstein - Director, The Lawfare Project

  • Dan Illouz - CEO, Di Consulting

  • Yifa Segal, Esq. - Director, The International Legal Forum (ILF)

Affiliated International Organizations

  • Americans for a Safe Israel - Mark Langfan, Chairman and Helen Freedman, Executive Director

  • Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) - Sarah Stern, Founder and President

  • European Coalition for Israel (ECI) - Tomas Sandell, Founding Director International Legal Forum (ILF)

  • The Israel Forever Foundation - Dr. Elena Yael Heideman, Executive Director 

  • Israel Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) - Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder and Director

  • Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA)

  • The Lawfare Project (TLP)

  • Legal Grounds Campaign

  • Women in Green (WIG)


Affiliated National Organizations

  • B’nai Brith Canada - Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer

  • Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR) - Goldi Steiner, Founder and Co-Chair

  • Canadian Friends of Haifa University - Dr. Arnie Aberman, President

  • Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR)

  • Hasbara Fellowships Canada - Robert Walker, National Director

  • International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) - Donna Holbrook, National Executive Director

  • Israel Truth Week (ITW)

  • The Mozuud Freedom Foundation - Irving Weisdorf, President


  • Ted Belman - Israpundit

  • Senator Linda Frum

  • Joe and Renanah Gemeiner

  • Prof. Lawrence Hart - McMaster University

  • Barbara Kay - Columnist

  • Dr. Mordechai Kedar - Lecturer at Bar Ilan University

  • Prof. Salim Mansur - Western University

  • I. Berl Nadler 

  • Hank Rosenbaum - Former Chair, Canadian Society for Yad Vashem

  • Prof. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin

  • Ian Sarfin

  • Michael Sone

  • Yossi Winter - Former President, Toronto Zionist Council

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