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About Us - Testimonials to Salomon Benzimra and the book "The Jewish People's Rights to the Land of Israel"

Read several testimonials by a variety of international public figures from Canada and Israel as they tell of the impact that Salomon Benzimra and his book had on their lives and the world, and the importance of the research and knowledge that he shared.

"Salomon was one of the few people that I can truly say really understood the issues facing us, and had the clarity of thought and ability to analyze in a logical manner the problems and potential ways of dealing with them… I learned much from him and greatly valued our frequent correspondences."

Alan Baker
   Former Israeli Ambassadorto Canada

"I had the honor of meeting Mr. Benzimra in Jerusalem, only a few days before his sudden passing. His dedication to Israel and the Jewish People were remarkable. This book uses facts to debunk myths, showing how the State [of] Israel, the Jewish nation-state, is an integral part of international law."

Naftali Bennett
   Israeli Minister of Education & Diaspora Affairs

"Salomon’s grasp of the challenges, and opportunities, facing the State of Israel was almost unprecedented. It will be the ultimate testament to Salomon’s memory if thanks to this important work, fair-minded p eople all over the world finally internalize the Israel’s legitimacy as the homeland of the Jewish people."

Ambassador Danny Danon
   Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN

"Salomon’s life is deserving of special recognition and honor… The development of knowledge and understanding in respects to the relevant historical facts regarding Israel’s territorial entitlements is very challenging... Salomon’s determination and courage impacted many."

Dr. Jacques Gauthier
   Canadian lawyer, expert in International Law

"I was impressed by both his passion and thoughtfulness in presenting the basic principles underpinning Israel’s legal rights. His striking command of many historical and legal aspects of the issue, as extensively reflected in his book The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, is especially noteworthy."

Tzipi Hotovely
   Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

"Salomon’s book, The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, is a wonderful, reader-friendly summary of the entire chronology of Israel’s founding in a compact book whose facts are completely trustworthy. It is a great accomplishment to have compressed such a large, complex and detailed subject into a portable and coherent primer any educated reader can absorb with ease. A good opportunity to recommend it in one of my columns."

Barbara Kay

Weekly columnist for the National Post and, monthly columnist for the Canadian Jewish News, author of three books

"For me, as an Israeli, Salomon Ben Zimra’s book is an eye-opener. I was educated in Israel, served in the IDF and studied in the Israeli academic system, but never have learnt about Israel’s legal rights……

Recently the challenges to Israel existence and its rights to the Land of Israel emerge from the European old-new antisemitism combined with neo-Islamic anti Jewish sentiment….

Europe…the US and Canada… we hear new voices - especially from academic institutions … This book is essential to educate Jews and others alike to combat these old-new trends which try to de-legitimize the mere existence of the Jewish state.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar
   Bar-Ilan University, Israel

"Salomon had a great love for the Jewish people and devoted the last years of his life to providing the Jewish people, and the non-Jewish world, an appreciation for the historical and legal rights to the Land of Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Ocean.  In this effort, he partnered  and collaborated with Goldi Steiner and founded CILR."

Dr. David Nussbaum, Ph. D., C. Psych.
   Chair, Canadian Psychological Association

"Salomon Benzimra's original manuscript was already a treasure for the ages.  Here revised in the form of a handbook with dozens of on-line links to authoritative source material, JPRLI has become a central document -- clear, concise, careful, scholarly -- to any informed study of Jewish rights to Israel, Judea and Samaria."

W. F. Smyth
   Professor, McMaster University

"Salomon's book "The Jewish Peoples Rights To The Land of Israel" stands alone as the most complete and well presented documentation demonstrating the Jewish Peoples rights to their land and at the same time it is a great historical record of the events of those days regarding  this issue."

Ezra Ridgley
   Director, "The Jewish Heritage Project"

"He [Salomon] was a devoted and articulate supporter of the historic and legal rights of the Jewish people in the land of Israel, and was a [n avid] writer of articles and books on the subject."

Moshe Ya’alon
   Former Israeli Minister of Defense

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