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Im Tirtzu's 2018 Annual Conference

In October 2018, Im Tirtzu held its annnual conference featuring Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. In the video below, she is presented with a copy of The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel.

You can view the conference Facebook photo album by clicking here.

Please watch Im Tirtzu's Annual Summary Video 2017-2018 (5778) below, which gives you an overview of their activities and growth in the last year.

Im Tirtzu presented its 2018 Zionist Award to captain of the Hapoel Hadera soccer club, Menashe Zalka, who is the only soccer player in Israel's Premier League to serve in the IDF reserves. On the following day, Menashe was invited on Israel's most popular morning talk show to discuss the award and his career, which you can see in the video below:

Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights Goldi Steiner spoke at the conference and presented awards to those who won the contest put on as part of CILR’s Campaign 2018. You can see her video below:

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