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Videos - "Whose Land?" Documentaries

A century after the Balfour Declaration of November 1917 the argument over the land – then known as Palestine – rages on.


Politicians, clerics and school teachers living in the Gaza strip, the West Bank and the Old City of Jerusalem, teach their children, teenagers and young adults that the Balfour Declaration was illegal, and that the whole of the land – now known as Israel – in fact belongs to the Arab people who are today known as the Palestinians. The Palestinian claim goes on to assert that the Jewish people have no historic connection with Jerusalem, that they are in fact trying to Judaize the Holy City and that the Jewish presence there is illegal. Moreover, this claim is now becoming widely accepted among many in the Western world. So what historic and legal claim do the Palestinian Arabs have over Jerusalem and the Land of Israel?


Do the Jewish people have historic and legal rights? If so, when and where did they originate?


In the documentary series “Whose Land?”, Richard Kemp, together with a group of historians and international lawyers, examines the conflicting claims of the Palestinians and the Israelis through the eyes of verifiable history and international law. Currently at Episode 15, there are 4 more episodes in production.

Hugh Kitson is the Writer, Producer and Director of “Whose Land?” In more than 45 years of working in the film and television industry as a documentary filmmaker, he has been involved in more than 200 productions as an editor, director, writer and/or producer and has won some twenty international awards. His documentaries about Israel span more than four decades. Among the most notable ones are The Forsaken Promise, From Exile to Restoration and Give Peace a Chance.

Whose Land episode 1 - Foundations of Palestine

Whose Land episode 2 - Ottoman Turkish rule over Palestine

Whose Land episode 3 - The Zionist movement and the Balfour declaration

Whose Land episode 4 - The Paris Peace Conference and the League of Nations

Whose Land episode 5 - The San Remo Resolution

Whose Land episode 6 - The role of Winston Churchill in the mandates

Whose Land episode 7 - The legal obligations of the mandate for Palestine

Whose Land episode 8 - The 1939 White Paper and its tragic consequences

Whose Land episode 9 - The right of the Jewish people in the UN charter

Whose Land episode 10 - Britain's betrayal of the mandate exposed

Whose Land Episode 11 - The legal ramifications of the war of independence

Whose Land Episode 12 - The status of Jerusalem, the 1949 armistice lines and refugees

Whose Land Episode 13 - The six-day war of 1967

Whose Land Episode 14 - Resolution 242 and the status of Jerusalem

Whose Land Episode 15 - The Oslo Accords

Whose Land Episode 16 - The ICJ 2004 advisory opinion

Whose Land Episode 17 - Settlements and the 4th Geneva Convention

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