The British Mandate Began 100 Years Ago, June 30, 1920 – A Photo Essay

This Photo Essay, published by the, was published by Lenny Ben-David July 1, 2020

We are reproducing it, as a most timely reminder of Israel’s Legal Rights to the Land,

CANADIANS FOR ISRAEL’S LEGAL RIGHTS, brings this reminder to the attention of the world, to all those who recognize that if Israel is “Occupying” land, it is Land that was legally given to her by the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers in San Remo, Italy on April 25, 1920, and followed by the Mandate for Palestine that assigned all land west of the Jordan to the Jewish people.  This was approved by the 52 members of the League of Nations 100 years ago.

These rights Rights that have never been abrogated, and are protected by Article 80 of the UN Charter.


Goldi Steiner & Irving Weisdorf

An army recruitment poster for Canadian Jews. The “Son of Israel” says: “You have cut my bonds and set me free – Now let me help you set others free.” Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel is the first dignitary pictured on the poster. (Library of Congress) A large training base was set up in Halifax for Canadian and American Jewish volunteers in the British army’s Jewish Brigades.

“The new era in Palestine. The arrival of Sir Herbert Samuel, British Mandate. High Commissioner [wearing white]. June 30, 1920. Rowboat bringing Sir Herbert Samuel ashore at Jaffa.” (Library of Congress’ caption)

Samuel introduced himself to Jerusalem’s Muslim, Christian, and Jewish dignitaries and delivered his proclamation of the end of military government in Palestine at “Government House,” July 7, 1920. (Library of Congress)

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