Videos - Debunking The Occupation Lie 

CILR presents a curated selection of videos with international perspectives on debunking the occupation lie.

The TRUE History of the Palestinian People


Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs?

A Black South African on Israel and Apartheid

Pompeo strengthens connection to Judea and Samaria

The REAL History of Israel

Demonstrating in Lod, with Im Tirtzu's Eytan Meir

The Why’s And The Lies Behind Arab Violence, with Dr. Mordechai Kedar

5 Facts That You Need to Know About UNRWA and the Palestinian "Refugees"

Palestinian Loss of Land: The Myth of the 4 Maps

6 Facts That You Need to Know About Israel's Legal Rights

International Law Expert: Israel Is Not an “Occupier”

Hebron Spokesman Yishai Fleisher Discusses the Narrative War Against Israel

Interview with Tom Nisani, CEO of BeYadeinu - The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation

Former Shin Bet Director: "Palestinians are 100% to Blame for Failure of Oslo Accords"

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