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Books To Read

CILR has curated a list of reading material that we recommend to our members to help them keep informed about Israel's legal rights, and the threats against them.

Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth

by Nao Tishby

A “fascinating and very moving” (Aaron Sorkin, award-winning screenwriter of The West Wing and The Social Network) chronological timeline spanning from Biblical times to today that explores one of the most interesting countries in the world—Israel.

Israel. The small strip of arid land is 5,700 miles away but remains a hot-button issue and a thorny topic of debate. But while everyone seems to have a strong opinion about Israel, how many people actually know the facts?


There's No Such Thing As a Palestinian

by Lambert Paul -- Alias P.L. Edwardson

Our whole world is perennially obsessed with the Arab-Israeli conflict. The issue will not just go away. Even more astonishing is that an issue on which the whole planet seems to be focused is so poorly understood in modern society, and no matter where you live (even if you live in Israel)

Review by MARK VANDERMAAS -- CILR's Advisor

CILR advisor, Mark Vandermaas of Israel Truth Week was recently asked by a pro-Israel friend to review a book with the provocative title, 'There's No Such Thing As A Palestinian' which outlines the reasons why the gentile author (who once tried to join the IDF) feels a Jewish National one-state solution is the only choice for Israel. Mark's long-held belief, of course, is that focusing on solutions when 98% of pro-Israel people have never even read Israel's modern land rights -- derived from the San Remo Conference and the Mandate for Palestine -- is counter-productive, but he promised to do an honest review. Without endorsing the author's conclusion, he carefully considers it as he likely becomes the first pro-Israel advocate to explore the difference between 'solutions' and 'choices' from Israel's perspective. Mark's full review can be found here.

The Serpent and the Red Thread.jpg

The Serpent and the Red Thread: The Definitive Biography of Evil

by Diane Weber Bederman

Mantua Books is pleased to announce that Diane Weber Bederman’s The Serpent and the Red Thread has been selected as part of the collection of the Yad Vashem Library in Jerusalem. Yad Vashem is the leading museum of the Holocaust.


For more information:


Israel on Trial: How International Law is Being Misused to Delegitimize the State of Israel

by Matthijs de Blois and Andrew Tucker

This book reviews international law regarding self-determination, statehood, territorial sovereignty, human rights and the right to self-defense. It argues that the two-state solution, as defined by the UN, is non-binding by international law. The authors examine how international law has been used and misused over the last century with regard to the Arab/Israeli conflict. They argue that the historical context of the creation of the State of Israel, especially the Mandate for Palestine, is too often ignored.


The Tragedy of Islam by Imam Mohammed Tawidi of Australia, the Imam of Peace who reveals all the atrocities of Islam since its founding. He’s a very learned scholar who studied 8 years in Iran and Iraq and is from a long line of Imams. He talks about the brainwashing he endured and all the secrets that Imams must keep and never reveal to their Muslim adherents. He advises Western governments to be vigilant against Islamism and tyranny and points out that ISIS merely mimicked all the early caliphs.


From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine

by Joan Peters

Delving into the British archives, Peters put together a thesis that strongly argued that despite the fact that the Balfour Declaration and the Mandate for Palestine were designed to reconstitute an independent Jewish homeland in Palestine through immigration of Jews from all of the world, instead, British administrators on the ground adopted an anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist approach to the Mandate and did everything possible to facilitate the illegal immigration of Arabs from surrounding countries. Click here for a complete summary.

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