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About Us - Education Committee

Irving Weisdorf - Co-Chair CILR


Irving is a graduate in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto. His studies took him to both France and Mexico, following which he spent three years in Israel.  On return to Canada he started his own business, but maintained his connections with and love for Israel. 

Irving took on many initiatives.  He engaged a Jerusalem PR firm to develop a plan that might help turn the tide, founded The Mozuud Freedom Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, to campaign for the rights of persecuted minorities in the Middle East and the rights of Jews in Israel, and other just causes. He provided significant funds to support the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation – CAEF and served as President and CEO for several years.  He continues to focus on Anti-Zionism -- the new Antisemitism, along with Debunking the Palestinian myth of the Occupation.

Goldi Steiner – Co-Chair


As Executive Board member. Canadians Society for Yad Vashem, Co-Chaired its Education Committee, sending teachers to the International School for Holocaust Studies.

In 2009 met Salomon Benzimra, and together founded Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights-CILR

Discovering Salomons genius, and his penchant for the Israel-Arab conflict, urged him to write the Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, a world recognized book, used as the chief tool to educate students and the general public about Israel’s Indigenous,historical, biblical, and Legal Rights.

In 2010 co-organized with Tomas Sandel (European Coalition for Israel) the 90th Commemoration of the San Remo Conference.

After Salomon’s tragic passing, Irving Weisdorf and Goldi joined as Co-Chairs of the Balfour 100 commemoration following which Irving joined as Co-Chair of CILR.

This endeavor led to a successful partnership with Israel’s Foremost Zionist organization - Im Tirtzu , as well as Corey margolese’s  JTeach.

Chani Aryeh-Bain

Chani Aryeh-Bain has been a community activist since 2014. She is the current federal Candidate of Record for the Conservative Party of Canada in Eglinton-Lawrence, Toronto. She brings her decades of experience in educational & business fields to the many causes she assists. She also has a keen interest in international affairs and regularly contributes her political commentary to the, Canada's successor to the CJN."

Agnes Imani – Communication Liaison


Agnes, born in Hungary, became a Montrealer, where she completed her BA in Anthropology from Concordia University. She is new to the world of advocacy, having had her start by creating the very successful Antisemitism Toolbox, a 6 part lecture and hands on series that included tools needed by the community to stand up against Antisemitism and stay safe.


This series united many of the Jewish organizations under one event and united the community to take a stance.

Agnes was awarded a certificate for her work on the Antisemitism Toolbox by MPP Gila Martow. The media has also covered and recognized her work on the Toolbox series.

Agnes continues her advocacy work in many areas fighting Antisemitism

Anita Bromberg - Legal Advisor


Anita Bromberg is the current President of Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF). A lawyer by training, she has instituted and participated in numerous intercultural outreach and educational efforts.

anita bromberg.png

She has led important initiatives to counter hate as National Director of Legal Affairs for B'nai Brith Canada where she was responsible for its annual audit on antisemitism and as Executive Director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, a Federal Crown agency mandated to eliminate racism and maintain harmonious relations. Anita currently is Programming and Policy lawyer for the Ontario Bar Association responsible for diversity and inclusion events while continuing to serve as an advisor to a number of community based human right initiatives including One Voice, a multifaith initiative to end violence against women and a Ontario Tech University's current Survey on Antisemitism.

Lauren Isaacs


Lauren Isaacs is the National Director of Herut Canada and the Internship Coordinator for World Herut in Israel. Lauren lives in Jerusalem and splits her time between Israel and Canada. 

World Herut is an unapologetically Zionistic organization that educates about the Jewish people’s sovereign rights to the Land of Israel in its entirety. Lauren has worked in the Israel advocacy field for several years, debunking harmful lies about Israel, and is committed to spreading an unapologetic Zionist message. If she’s not teaching a class about Israeli history, or interviewing people about the Arab-Israeli conflict, she is at an Antisemitic counter-protest waving an Israeli flag proudly, or running campus programs that debunk the BDS movement. Herut Canada is a grassroots Israel activism and educational organization, which aims to educate the community and the next generation about the importance of Israel and the inalienable connection of the Jewish People to the land of Israel.

Daniel Koren


Daniel Koren is the Executive Director of Hasbara Fellowships Canada. Born in Rehovot and raised in Toronto, Daniel is a long-time Jewish community professional with a background in journalism and media relations. Prior to Hasbara, he worked in the marketing department at UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, as the online editor of both


Shalom Life and The Canadian Jewish News, and as a communications manager with B’nai Brith Canada. Daniel’s media experience enabled him to shine a light on Israel and Canada’s Jewish community by profiling tech startups such as Wix and Mobileye, interviewing notable Jewish celebrities like Mayim Bialik, and covering news stories about Israel and the UN, antisemitism, and politics.

While communications was always his focus, Daniel’s greatest passion is pro-Israel advocacy. He has spearheaded several initiatives that promote hasbara, has given talks to university students about combating racism, and has appeared in radio, television and print interviews to discuss Jewish issues and antisemitism in Canada. 

Mark Vandermaas - Israel Land Rights Trainer and Advisor

Mark Vandermaas is Christian who teaches about Israel’s land rights. Mark is founder of and an advisor/lecturer with Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights. He has personally trained over 650 Zionists to understand the importance of seeking truth before solutions. Specifically, Mark helps students understand not only the history and critical clauses of the modern Jewish land title deed, the Mandate For Palestine, but how to use it to make a powerful moral argument against the ‘occupation’ blood libel upon which so much of today’s anti-Semitism is founded.

Mark’s Liberating Israel training program is available online at: He can be reached at

Yehudit Shier Weinberg


Yehudit Shier Weisberg made aliyah in Sept. 2017. She is an experienced teacher, writer, editor, playwright, and professional ventriloquist storyteller. She has a B. Mus., a BA in Sociology and a M.Sc. in Behavioural Sciences and Management. She taught adults for the Florence Melton School and Morasha, and younger students at two Jewish community schools in Toronto. She performed as a ventriloquist storyteller in festivals, schools and in people's homes, and was the coordinator for the Toronto Jewish Healing Project.  Her play, "The Trial of Uncle Charlie  What really happened aboard the Exodus 1947" appeared at the Khan Theatre in Jerusalem in January, 2020, and will appear at the Central Massachusetts Jewish Theatre Company in the fall.

Judith Weinroth - Director of Communications

Judith Weinroth, BSc, MSc, MD was born, raised and educated in Toronto. She is retired from a gratifying career as a GP Oncologist and Psychotherapist. Her love of Judaism and Israel was nurtured by her parents Rebbetzin Laura z’l and Rabbi Erwin Schild, and by her teachers at the Associated Hebrew Day School and the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, where she was a member of the first graduating class. Judith has been a volunteer for many organizations, highlighted by her serving several terms as a member of the Board of Governors and Executive of Adath Israel Congregation. Judith has joined CILR because of her concern about growing antisemitism and anti-Zionism locally and world-wide, and her concern about the denial of the rights of Israel and the Jewish People to the Land of Israel. She wants to do her part to ensure that her 10 grandchildren will grow up in a safe society where they can be proud Jews and Zionists.



Dr. Lawrence Hart - Consultant


  • Professor of Medicine, McMaster University

  • Past National President, B’nai Brith Canada

  • Past National President, Maccabi Canada

  • Founding Chair, McMaster Jewish Faculty Association

  • For 10 years, wrote monthly columns for the Canadian Jewish News

  • Has served on the Boards of the Canada Israel Committee, Canadian Jewish Congress (Ontario Region), Hamilton Jewish Federation, Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, Canadian Academics for Peace in the Middle East, Jewish National Fund (Hamilton Council), Community Editorial Council of the Hamilton Spectator and the Hamilton Media Action Committee

Carrie Katz - Consultant


Carrie Katz is a former Montrealer who until moving to Toronto was involved in the following non profit organizations.
Founding member of The Group of 35s
Co-chair of A Coat of Many Colours  
Co-chair Taste of the Nation
Co-Founder of Montreal Women’s network

Katz moved to Toronto in 1997.
In 2002 she became President of Ort Toronto followed by becoming the Co-President of ORT Canada until 2016.
Carrie has four children Douglas Scott and Dina and Jill as well as five grandchildren.


Diane Bederman - Consultant

Gemeiners - Consultants

Dr. David Nussbaum - Consultant

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