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CILR Campaign 2018

After nearly a decade of non-stop efforts, we’re on our way to launch a campaign - never done before in Israel or elsewhere…


No stone will be left unturned until this project comes to fruition.


Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights has developed this project with Im Tirtzu, a respected Israeli NGO, devoted to educating Israeli youth.


The program will educate and empower our youth - the leaders and electorate of tomorrow - with the necessary knowledge to debunk the myths and lies emanating from UNWRA/PA textbooks, from the international media, and sadly, even from the leftist Israeli media.

The Plan

Campaign 2018 will be launched days before Yom Ha’atzmaut (April 16, 2018), with the distribution of thousands of copies of Salomon Benzimra’s book The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, in Hebrew.


They will be distributed among students at all major Israeli universities and channeled through other NGOs.  The distribution will be followed by lectures.  A Contest with several prizes and scholarships will be offered to motivate participation, and a short video will be created especially for this project, which will be posted on social media.


Simultaneously, we plan to publish and post the English version on and This effort is in progress.  Among our goals is to reach out to the local Israeli and general community, with sights on Jewish and non-Jewish schools.


In order to provide our youth with the tools they need to counter the prevalent Arab narrative to demonize and  delegitimize Israel, we need the support of all who believe in the POWER OF EDUCATION - according to time-honoured Jewish tradition, it is through education that we have the power to change the world for the better. That is our mission.


To that end, we are creating the CILR Scholarship Fund, with the possibility to honour a family, or the memory of a loved one.

Click here to learn more about becoming a partner in our 2018 Campaign.

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