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Demand Obama's Publisher Correct Lies Written About Israel In New Book

With lies being spread about the state of Israel, on a daily basis, it is of utmost importance that we correct them and stand up to them. We ask that you do your part in standing up for the state of Israel by signing our petition. Penguin Random House has recently published a book by former President Barak Obama that is full of errors, misrepresents the past, and maligns the State of Israel and by connection the Jewish people. ZOA, the Zionist Organization of America, has written Penguin Random House a letter outlining the numerous errors. The letter can be found here. The impact of the errors and distortions in this book, if not corrected, will have a long-lasting and detrimental effect on the State of israel and the Jewish people. It is important that we make our voices heard in support of ZOA’s request for truthful and factual corrections.

Please add your voice by signing the petition below. It will only take a few seconds and is very important. And please forward this petition to your friends and others who might support this important effort. Goldi Steiner, Founder & Co-Chair Agnes Imani Chief Administrative Officer Canadians for Israels Legal Rights.


Please Endorse and Sign our petition

Demand Obama's Publisher Correct Lies Written About Israel In New Book.

We, the undersigned, urge Penguin Random House, the publishers of former American President Obama's book "A Promised Land", to remove and correct the falsehoods and omissions about Israel in the book, and to republish and recall the books, following the guidelines suggested in the letter by the ZOA. We have serious concerns about the falsehoods and omissions in your recent publication, “A Promised Land”, by former U.S.A. President Barack Obama. This book has wide-reaching influence, not limited to the U.S.A, but worldwide, including here in Canada. We strongly endorse, and add our signatures, to the attached letter sent to you by the Zionist Organization of America dated February 23, 2021. We urge you, as they did, to mitigate the damage already done by the lies, errors and material omissions in this publication, by recalling the books that have been printed, and by correcting the errors the ZOA has outlined so thoroughly. In addition, the necessary corrections should be made to the digital version and to future print editions. Also a chapter must be added to correct volume one’s falsehoods at the beginning of volume two. In order to maintain your reputation as a major publishing house, you owe it to your non-fiction readers to ensure that such contents are truthful and fact, not fiction, especially about Jews and Israel. Otherwise, you are merely encouraging, sustaining and endorsing those who are lying about Jews again.


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