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Jewish History Matters

Debunking the suicidal “2 State Solution” in the heartland of Israel.

by Rachel Neuwirth

People talk of a ‘Middle East Peace Process’ which involves the Palestinians and Israel. They talk about advancing a “two-state solution.” That process is a total illusion which has nothing to do with peace. It has everything to do with accelerating a process begun in ancient times. That process was and remains the effort to finally eradicate the Jewish idea of G-d as the creator of all and the source of the moral law which includes The Ten Commandments.

During eighteen centuries of homelessness, and having no power, Jews were oppressed because of their ‘Jewish idea.’ America’s founders were inspired by the human rights found in the Bible, and the power of that idea generated a revolt in America in 1776 that defeated the greatest power of that time. American volunteers and farmers defeated Britain and won their freedom. Our founding documents also inspired people in other countries to break free of their dictatorships. Today, dictatorships and corrupt “democracies” must feel threatened by the Jewish idea because they support Muslim enemies that openly threaten both human rights and the existence of the one, tiny democracy in the Middle East.

Following are factors which should be considered by those who support justice and peace in the Middle East as well as globally.

  1. Israel is the only nation created by G-d over 3,000 years ago, and who defined their physical boundaries and provided it with a humane code of moral and ethical behavior. Those countries who today talk about a two-state “solution” did not even exist when King David ruled a Jewish nation from Jerusalem.

  2. The book The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel by Salomon Benzimra. This book makes an irrefutable case based on history and law. It will fortify Jews who support Israel and want to be sure that the case for Israel is ‘air tight’ with no hidden weakness or vulnerability. It will certainly convince all those who are honest and value truth and justice. This book should be part of Jewish education in Israel and in the diaspora. For those who are hostile to the existence of Israel no amount of law, truth, and justice will influence them. That is why Israelis must be prepared to defend their land and their lives with strong military force if need be.

  3. The Holocaust: For awhile, after WWII, it became unfashionable to be overtly anti-Semitic. As time passed and memories faded it became easier to attack Jews. Israel became more of a target because of the global BDS movement with its sophisticated propaganda. The Palestinian cause generated countless supporters even among the Jewish Left. Mortal enemies of Israel could take encouragement because Hitler succeeded in exterminating six million Jews, while America and the West allowed many former Nazis to enter their countries and escape punishment. Seventy-seven years after WWII anti-Semitism is growing against Israel, and inside America. Much of the hatred is based on demonizing Israel and her supporters as persecutors of a victimized Palestinian people. In the process Israel’s enemies are now questioning Israel’s right to even exist. Recent votes by the U.N. suggest that many countries would go along with international measures to strangle Israel economically unless it creates a hostile Palestinian presence inside its heartland. Israel and its supporters must be able to fully expose the lies and hypocrisy of their critics while asserting the full rights of the sovereign Jewish nation.

  4. The book The Secret War Against The Jews – How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People. From the early days of Zionism though today (except for four years under President Trump) U.S. foreign policy has placed a higher value on Arab oil than on Jewish blood. The betrayers tried to hide the full extent of their treachery because the American people and the U.S. Congress were mostly pro Zionist and pro Israel. The 1994 book by John Loftus and Mark Aarons heavily documented what could have put the entire U.S. foreign policy and intelligence communities on the defensive. It could have defeated much of the unfair U.S. pressure on Israel to make dangerous concessions. This book published by Simon and Schuster was promoted by author John Loftus on an extensive book tour. Unfortunately the American Jewish community failed to make full use of this political “ammunition.”

  5. The Roosevelt Administration’s betrayal. In 1939 FDR convened a meeting of western governments in Evian France to address the issue of Jewish refugees trying to flee Nazi Germany. FDR’s representative at that meeting announced, at the start, that the U.S. would not take in any Jews fleeing Germany. When the others heard the U.S. representative they, too, declined to offer asylum to the Jews. Hitler also learned of this western decision.

Within one year, in 1939, Hitler allowed the S.S. St. Louis to sail from Germany with some 900 Jews aboard. They were headed for Cuba where that government had previously agreed to take them in. Hitler wanted to rid Germany of Jews and was testing to see if the U.S. and the West would take them in. When the ship neared Cuba that government reneged and refused to allow the Jews to land. The ship’s captain moved the ship near Florida while desperate efforts were made to find an alternative solution. Eleanor Roosevelt begged FDR to take in the Jews but FDR was unmoved and ordered them sent back to Germany. Hitler had cleverly exposed the hypocrisy and antisemitism of FDR before the world. Hitler also learned that FDR and the West had little concern over the fate of Jews.

During the war FDR was asked to at least bomb the rail lines leading to the death camps. He consistently refused pleas from Rabbi Stephen Wise while insisting the best way to help the Jews was to win the war. FDR never did anything to oppose the extermination of the Jews. Late in the war FDR talked about the fate of Jews who might survive, urging that they be “spread thinly” among various countries, which assured assimilation that would make them disappear.

6. A historic pattern of anti-Semitism: There are those ready and willing to physically attack Jews and those who support such attacks with money, resources, and propaganda. Today Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinians, and others attack physically while media, money, and political support operate to justify attacks on Israel, condemn Israeli responses, and paint Israel as a perpetual aggressor.

In 2014 Hamas in Gaza launched thousands of missiles toward Israel to kill Jewish civilians. President Obama did nothing to oppose that attack. Instead he stopped all U.S. air flights to Israel. Other countries followed, effectively isolating Israel from the outside world. Obama also refused to allow Israel access to stockpiles of munitions that the U.S. had pre-positioned to help Israel in such an emergency. Obama was thus actively supporting Hamas’s missile war against Israel. Senator Ted Cruz alone acted to pressure Obama to cease his treachery against Israel. Not one Jewish senator acted to follow Senator Cruz while Jews in the House remained silent.

In 2015 Israel was scheduled to hold an election. Obama sent a team of political operatives to set up shop in Tel Aviv. Their mission was to actively help the opposition to Prime Minister Netanyahu and topple his government. This blatant interference in a democratic election inside a sovereign allied nation brought no outcry from the majority of U.S. Jews who vote Democrat no matter what.

Was it Obama’s revenge against Israel that led him to develop his plan regarding Iran’s nuclear program? Ostensibly it was supposed to curb and limit the nuclear program but, as P.M. Netanyahu revealed, Obama’s program guarantees that Iran will get the bomb after a limited time interval.

7. The “Palestinians” are exploited as expendable cannon fodder in the war against Israel. The Palestinians are an invented people with an invented history. In 1964, three years before the Six Day War, Yasser Arafat and the KGB invented the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian narrative. Arabs who were inside Israel could now be recruited to fight Israel from the inside. The real solution to the Arab–Israeli conflict is Jordan. That land was stolen by the British from the territory under the Palestine Mandate issued by the League of Nations and assigned to Great Britain. Jordan is 3.5 times the size of Israel. It is UNRWA that refuses to end the “homelessness” of the Arabs still in camps. Their entire narrative is false and designed to convince the world that Israel is guilty of brutal “occupation” of Palestine and the persecution of the “Palestinian” people. By moving the majority of Palestinian Arabs from Israel to Jordan, which is mostly Palestinian, the “refugee problem” is solved—except for those who want to exploit the situation for their endless war against Israel.

8. The U. N. and the EU as moral hypocrites in the endless war against Israel and Jews. Hitler tried to hide his death camps for Jews because he feared possible repercussions if they became known to the world. Today, with the UN operating, Iranian dictators proudly declare “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” Iran has a large fleet of missiles awaiting their nuclear warheads. The U.S., NATO, the U.N., and the EU have no credible plan to block Iran from making nuclear weapons.

In 1947–48 Israel accepted the U.N. partition plan but the Arabs all rejected it and vowed to exterminate the Jews in a coming war. No objections arose from anyone.

In 1967 Gamal Nasser of Egypt plus the leaders of Syria were prepared to “drive the Jews into the sea.” No objection came from the U.S. or the U.N.

In 1973 Egypt and Syria attacked Israel while it was under Kissinger’s restraints. When Nixon wanted to resupply Israel every NATO country (except Portugal) refused landing rights to U.S. transports. They were willing to watch Israel be destroyed.

The U.N. and the world community have no moral right to lecture Israel because they have forfeited what moral credibility they might have had.

9. The U.S. foreign policy establishment has no moral credibility regarding Israeli security. The U.S. government helped Israel because the American people support Israel but, behind the scenes, the U.S government undermines Israeli security.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is inviting millions of people from over 150 countries to illegally walk into our country and receive generous benefits without being vetted!

10. Is the Biden administration enabling the PA’s ‘pay-for-slay’? ‘Pay for slay’ is a form of active warfare against Israel by Joe Biden and must be exposed as such.

While the PA continues to reward Palestinian terrorists, the Biden administration, in a reversal of Trump-era policies, is loosening American pursestrings to the satisfaction of rogue actors like Hamas. Contained within the U.S. foreign aid package is the resumption of $150 million in funding for the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA).

11. Israel was founded over 3,000 years ago on about 10,000 square miles of land. How is it that 56 Muslim countries with millions of square miles of land cannot find any space at all for their ‘Palestinian’ relatives?

12. Beware of the Jewish left in Israel and the diaspora. From the beginning of the Zionist movement there were Jews who actively opposed the Zionist idea. Today groups like J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Jewish left continue their support for a ‘Palestinian’ state inside Israel. These people ally with the political Left to increase their influence. To further blur and dilute Jewish support for Israel most American Jews (3/4 to 2/3) consistently vote Democrat—no matter what. Surveys show that, in a list of priorities, support for Israel is on the list but far from the top. The list includes social justice, gay rights, intersectionality, and climate ‘justice’. The Jewish Leftists are less educated about Zionism and Judaism than they should be and thus vulnerable to being misled about their identity and their moral priorities.

13. Summary: the plan to exterminate Israel. We cannot tell whether or when Israel’s enemies will attempt to finally exterminate Israel. So Israel must be ready to pre-empt militarily and diplomatically.

The UN is trying to make Israel a moral outcast.

There is always the possibility of a global boycott to force a PLO state into existence.

Iran will be allowed to get the bomb.

Hezbollah has 150,000 rockets in southern Lebanon which have the potential to overwhelm Israeli defenses.

Simultaneous military attacks on multiple fronts: Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, global boycott, riots by the Israeli left, Israel warned not to respond, and total boycott threatened if Israel uses nukes. Israel could be put in a non-survivable situation.

The world should also consider the warning of Genesis 3.1. Israel and supporters of Israel should pre-empt our enemies by exposing their long record of criminality and hypocrisy. We must also define our rights and our Jewish faith as the moral code from G-d.

As the Biden-Obama team steadily increases its anti-Israeli pressure it is essential that Israel’s supporters launch a strong public relations offensive to expose the lies and treachery of the Biden-Obama gang. We recently learned that 57 House Democrats are already on record as hostile to Israel. Biden and Obama insult Israel, and Israel barely responds.

It’s time to take off the gloves and punch back at Biden-Obama, the UN, etc. Pro-Zionist Jewish organizations must mobilize and use the long history of anti-Jewish treachery to push back against the Biden-Obama policy of undermining Jews and Israel. There is a lesson to be learned from militant Blacks in America who maintain their ongoing political offensive to seek “justice” and even “reparations.” They capitalized on and exploited the ‘George Floyd’ incident. We Jews have far more to use against the Biden-Obama threat. We can use the Palestinians’ hideous ‘Pay for Slay’ program to deliberately murder Jewish men, women, and children and which has a Nazi aspect to it. We also need non-Jewish allies. I do not see U.S. Zionists reaching out to the 11 million members of CUFI, Christians United for Israel, as we should.

The alarm bells are sounding, and the hour is late. Zionist Jews must mobilize now and act boldly to expose the treachery of both our enemies and our so-called friends.


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