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Save the Date Oct. 10th to meet MK Dan Illouz, & his Views on the State of the State of Israel Today

Save the Date October 10th

Bringing Israel Together Lecture by Canadian born Member of Knesset Dan Illouz

Meet MK Dan Illouz and hear his views on Israel and what can be done to heal the fractures!

MK Dan Illouz has shared his views on the state of the State of Israel. He pointed out that most polls show that the largest self-defined group in Israel is the traditional Jew, known in Hebrew as “Masorti”.

“Traditional Israelis (Masortim) accept Jewish law as it was transmitted at Mt. Sinai and evolved according to our sages for thousands of years, without seeking to abrogate it, even if they do not keep all of its precepts.

“To be a traditional Jew is to love the people of Israel so much that they can accept others who think, dress, and act differently from themselves.

“Masorti Jews promote a worldview that seeks to unite, rather than divide, that seeks peace over fracture, and one that does not divide between religious and secular, and holy and worldly -- it is all one.”

Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights

under the auspices of


Invites the entire Jewish and non-Jewish communities to attend this uniquely important and timely live event, at Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue on the evening of October 10, 2023

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