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The end of World War Two saw the dissolution of the League of Nations.  It was superseded with the formation of the United Nations in 1945. 

How did the dissolution of the League of Nations and the formation of the United Nations affect the rights of the Jewish people under International Law?


The United Nations Charter


US President Harry S Truman


President Harry S. Truman of the USA called the Charter of the United Nations, "a solid structure upon which we can build for a better world."


UN Security Council chamber

"Article 80 of the UN Charter assumes the powers given to the League of Nations, so that anything that was decided under the League of Nations such as the San Remo Resolution, such as the Mandate of Palestine, are still legally binding under the UN Charter." Dr Cynthia Wallace

Map of the Mandate for Palestine


"The final resolution of the assembly of the League of Nations was adopted on April 17, 1946 at a time when the United Nations had already been established. It is important to note that the leaders of the League of Nations stipulate that “those that take over must continue to administer the Mandates for the well-being and development of the peoples concerned in accordance with the obligations contained in the Mandates.” Jacques Gauthier


UN Medallion

"This means that when the United Nations – the new international organisation is established and begins to deal with issues arising out of the Mandates it must abide by the principles, by the rights and by the obligations set out in these Mandates. In fact Article 80 of the UN Charter, which is an International Treaty, which is a source of rights and obligations, specifies that all of the rights given to any people prior to the execution and ratification of the UN Charter are to be protected, observed and honoured. " Jacques Gauthier.

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