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CILR co-sponsors Web Talk with Brigadier General (Ret.) Amir Avivi


Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Israel’s Defense and Security Forum, Habithonistim, Helps Keep Jews Safe Everywhere

Co-sponsored by

Featuring: Brigadier General (Ret.) Amir Avivi

Watch the full webinar here

Habithonistim Recommendations to the New US Administration

Amir Avivi is the Founder and CEO of Habithonistim, comprised of more than 1700 high ranking reserve and retired Officers, Commanders, and Operators of all Branches of the Israeli Security Establishment, focused on promoting the national security of the State of Israel. Israel existence and prosperity is crucial for Jewish safety and security around the world.

Amir Avivi had command positions in the Engineer Corps, served as a Brigade Commander and head of the Military School of Engineers, served as aid-de-camp for the Israeli General Chief of Staff. He has an MA in National Security and Political Science and an MBA in Internal Audit.

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