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CILR invites you to attend one or both of these two important Events featuring Dr. David Nussbaum

Watch the recording for Part 1

Watch the recording for Part 2.


Dr. Nussbaum taught at York University from 1984-2004 and at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus from 2005-2013. He continued to teach, post-retirement, on topics of psychology and law, including abnormal behaviour, research methods, and clinical pharmacology to both graduate and undergraduate students until 2020. An elected Fellow of both the Canadian and American Psychological Associations, he was awarded the International Achievement Award of the American Society for the Advancement of Psychopharmacology and <>Professor of the Year, Psychology, UTSC, 2011. He has an extensive background of activity with the CPA, chairing sections in areas of criminal justice systems, clinical psychopharmacology, and the study of extremism and terrorism. Dr. Nussbaum founded the Allen K. Hess Institute of Integrative and Forensic Behavioural Science in 2016 and served as its President and Director of Research until 2022.

Dr. Nussbaum has an extensive background in international engagement with universities and professional associations in China, Kenya, US, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Israel, Germany, and Japan. In 2022, he became a Senior Research Scholar with the Institute for Studies in Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP).

In 2020, David and his wife Zipporah made Aliyah.


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