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We, Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights - proud co-sponsors invite you to join this important webinar: V for Victory

V for Victory offers a plan for an "outright" victory for Israel that will lead to a secure and safe home for the Jewish people.

Following the massacre of October 7 Israel launched a war the likes of which has not been seen since the Yom Kippur War in some senses, and since the War of Independence in others.  The scope of this war is tremendous, it is a long and exacting process but the strength of the nation and the courage, willpower and belief of our incredible soldiers stand behind and in front of the outright victory for which we are striving.

There must be tremendous public pressure in favor of Israel continuing to fight and do what she really MUST in order to achieve true victory. We know that the pressure is great from all around in order to have a partial victory, which, in the eyes of the Arabs is a total victory for them.True victory is territorial.

We have invited Amir Avivi, military and security expert to share his views and the direction which the State of Israel must take in order to make Israel what it must be, a safe and secure home for the Jewish nation.Tali Gottleib, Likud Knesset Member will brief us on Why it is necessary to occupy and settle Gaza and Daniella Weiss, chairperson of the Nachala Movement will expand on How to settle Gaza.


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