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A New Day Begins: The Knesset Passed the Budget. There is Hope in Israel


The Knesset passed the budget despite attempts by the left to take down the duly elected government with protests, not only in the streets, but by members of the Knesset. Jews attacking Jews.

We have Hope despite the fact that we repeat dangerous behaviours: Jew against Jew.

We begin, again, with Hope.

Yariv Levin, Benjamin Netanyahu

Knesset passes budget for 2023, 2024 with a clear majority

PM Netanyahu says the government is now cleared for four years of good work while the opposition calls budget the most destructive in the country's history; the finance minister says the bill includes a fight over the rising cost of living

After the overnight vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government was now prepared to spend the next four years doing good work. Read the full article here.


A diverse Collection of Articles, Op-Eds, and Analysis about Nakba, Occupation, and more…. Here is what our friends have to say:

Only a few days went by since the streets of Jerusalem were abuzz with song and dance, when thousands of young and old, men and women, secular and religious celebrated Jerusalem Day.

Please read this article by our friend, Arlene Kushner, “telling a story that everyone should know”.

Does this sound like we are “Occupiers”?

A Love Affair!!

An extraordinary love affair between the Jewish People and the eternal city of Jerusalem.

If you love Jerusalem, please share this far and wide. It tells a story everyone should know.

Today we celebrated Yom Yerushalayim – a perfect time for sharing this. Read more here.


The United Nations Labels the Formation of Israel a Catastrophe Op-ed by Nurit Greenger A long-time friend of CILR:

The United Nations (UN) has the chutzpah, the gall, to commemorate the establishment of the state of Israel with a heinous description, “Nakba Day” meaning catastrophe.

Please read, and decide for yourself, who commits the NAKBA? Read more here.


A Timely Question: Is America a Christian Country? By Diane Bederman

Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Green are two of many Conservatives who talk about America as a Christian country. Is that correct?

How will that sit with people like President Donald Trump? Will President Trump’s family feel welcome in that country? His daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren are Orthodox Jews. How could they promote a Christian country? How could President Trump? Read more here.


Assert Sovereignty or Lose it By Doug Altabef

While Israel has never been militarily, technologically, or economically stronger, it is suffering from a crisis of conviction.

Our ancestors were Jews in the Diaspora who excelled and achieved great things in their host countries, yet they sought in vain the approval of their non-benign gentile neighbors. Just like them, Israel’s current leaders are chasing the not-to-be-had support and affinity of leading Western countries. Read more here


In Defense of Ronen Shoval: Princeton academics are demonizing a scholar who dares to stand up to Israel-hatred

The time for "Jewsplainin'" is over.

The Jewish people must never be ambivalent about who we are and what we are.

We are the Light Unto the Nations. Read more here.


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