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Apartheid? Yes in Arab states and controlled areas!

There is NO Occupied Territory

Whether the United Nations accepts this view or not, whether Canadians care or not, whether individuals continue to villainize Israelis or wish them out of the Middle East, the fact remains that Jews should be entitled to live anywhere in the land of Israel. There is NO state of Palestine. The idea that Jews are not entitled to live in disputed areas is apartheid, an ideology propagated by the Palestinian Authority and other terror-linked organizations. This is upheld by violence. 

Israel is not an apartheid state, and yet its opponents spread this lie. There clearly is a separation of peoples by ethnicity and religion in the Arab Muslim controlled areas of the former Mandate for Palestine, including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the disputed territories under PA civilian control. These are countries and territories which prohibit Jews from owning land, and have driven the Jewish communities out completely, and even tried to erase any indication of thousands of years of Jewish life and heritage in those areas.

The Facts:

Jordan illegally occupied Judea and Samaria and part of Jerusalem for 19 years, 1948-1967, after the Israeli War of Independence brought on by the invasion of 5 Arab armies.

Jordanian law prohibits Jews from becoming citizens or owning property. Jordan had expelled all Jews from the remaining Jewish village of Tel Or in 1948 as well as from east Jerusalem including the Old City.

Hamas took over Gaza in 2007 and has ruled with terror and violence. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, so clearly all the ills that Gazans suffer are due to the corrupt, terrorist organization that controls every aspect of life in Gaza. Hamas regularly attacks Israel, then cries foul and spreads horrific lies when Israel responds militarily.

Hamas regularly runs out of funds to build terror tunnels and can’t pay its bills due to its corruption and war mongering. Gaza is a place where NO JEWS ARE ALLOWED.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), came into being in 1994 as a result of the Oslo Accords, which were signed between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PA was intended to live up to that peace agreement, but in fact, they have never done anything close to resolving the conflict. Instead, the PA  has kept it aflame for decades, generating falsehoods, a totally fictitious history, and the very ludicrous and impossible claims of their being a  Palestinian people.

This past December the PA went so far to claim that not only was Jesus a Muslim, but also the first Islamic martyr. Their hatred of Jews is so deep that the crime of selling land to a Jew can result in a death penalty, and has. Jews cannot visit several historical Jewish sites, except under strict supervision, security and during infrequently scheduled times.

So, would it come as a surprise to anyone that the recent announcement by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, that Israeli settlements in the “West Bank” do not violate international law,  has been met with fury and objection by the antisemites, historical revisionists, Israel-bashers, the misguided media and leftist political pundits?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that Jews have a right to live in Judea and Samaria, the ancient heartland of Israel.  Shame on those Jews who demand Israeli subjugation to the whims of terrorists such as Hamas, the PA, Islamic Jihad, for those are people who have no concern for the security of Israelis, be they Jewish/Muslim/Christian/Druze or any other faith, religious, secular, liberal, conservative, soldier or civilian.

In The Jerusalem Post of January 9, 2020, Lahav Harkov writes:

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich of the Kohelet Forum said: “For decades, the obscure Carter-era memo was used as justification for anti-Israel policies... Secretary Pompeo’s statement makes clear the US’s wholesale rejection of the legal theory that holds that international law restricts Israeli Jews from moving into areas from which Jordan had ethnically cleansed them in 1949.”

Letters, Letters, We Write Letters

While CAEF does not always get a response, we do take time to be on record in expressing our appreciation to governments and other authorities that do right by Israel, and CAEF expresses dismay and disapproval when they do unjust deeds such as voting against Israel in that unfair court of world opinion, the United Nations. Below are links to three letters:

Books to Keep You Up at Night

From time to time we review books or get a reader’s review and post these on our website.

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