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Jerusalem Day and Operation Shield and Arrow


Moti Gur’s famous words at the capture of Jerusalem: “The Temple Mount is in our Hands”

This evening, on May the 18th, Israel and Jews the world over are celebrating the 56th Anniversary of Israel’s greatest victory, regaining Eastern Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and the Gaza Strip, doubling the size of the entire country.

PM Netanyahu assured Israelis that the "Jerusalem Day Flag Celebration" will take place along its traditional route…..

In the words of Douglas Altabef, Chairman of the board of IM Tirtzu, "The post-Shield and Arrow Jerusalem Day Flag Parade will be very different from 2021". Read the full article here.



Prime Minister Netanyahu proclaimed: The five-day war with the Gaza-based terrorist group is a warning to Israel's enemies: “We changed the equation!” BUT DID WE REALLY CHANGE THE EQUATION?

Analysis and Opinion on the outcome of the Shield and Arrow operation leaves more questions than and answers.

Q: Where/When/How does it end??? Only by countering the enemy’s propaganda lies!

  1. What has really changed? Israelis claim that they have elevated their ‘deterrent’ profile. But when has Israel been accused of failing its deterrence power?

  2. What has changed for the better, is the end of disunity between, pro and con government factions, at least for the duration of the Shield and Arrow war.

The IAF pilots, and other military proponents of the public protests, showed their loyalty by standing together in unity against the adversaries.

But the Shield and Arrow and the ongoing countless military wars where Israel shows its prowess is insufficient to end the fight once and for all.

Ceasefire after ceasefire is simply a pause to allow the enemy to regroup their efforts until the next war.



Time is overdue to tackle the problem at its Root Cause


For such an undertaking, Israel has the power, the means, and the full-hearted support of Israelis and most Diaspora Jews; right, left, reform, conservative, or orthodox. Only the governments, past and present lack the WILL.

Learning to live with an insoluble problem, is NOT the answer. As the saying goes: Where there is a problem, there is a solution, and where there is a solution, there is no problem. This one has no easy solution, but it must begin without further delay.

We must all work together as Israeli and Diaspora Jews to debunk the occupation lie while at the same time, we must put an end to the accusation of Nakba: The catastrophe of the displacement of "Palestinians.”

Have we not learned that there is no appeasing those who call for the destruction of Israel?

There is only one solution. A fearless and proud people living on the legal and historical land bequeathed to them by God and mandated by the nations of the modern world thru the League of Nations and the United Nations.

Israel must enter the Propaganda war unwaveringly - in parallel with the military war -- to counter the lies-namely the OCCUPATION LIES.


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