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IF you have ever asked yourself what you can do to stand up against Antisemitism, but didn’t know what to do, this seminar is for you. After Attending our seminar, you will be provided the necessary tools to right the falsehoods about the Jewish people, and the Jewish homeland, hurled at you-- and more importantly at your children, in their educational environment.

Our Motto: Educate yourself, and then educate others

Hillel Neuer and Goldi Steiner

We will be presenting an inspiring video from our friend Hillel Neuer Executive Director of UN Watch, an NGO based in Geneva, Switzerland. ”Where are Your Jews?” - watch here



WE URGE YOU to spread the word about our activities to stand up against Antisemitism/AntiZionism.

We can be contacted to provide tools to stand up against those who want to see the demise of the Jewish People, and the land of Israel.

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An Equity Workshop for Educators and Parents Unpacking Antisemitism and AntiZionism in our Schools and Campuses

This is a full day, educational seminar, which will help to examine Antisemitism and AntiZionism and how they intersect. During these workshops, educators will explore the Jewish connection to the land, and the Jewish people’s indigeneity in that land, by looking at the history of as well as the creation of the modern state of Israel.

Teachers will better understand some of the current trends happening within the school systems and will also gain a better perspective on how to confront false accusations regarding the Modern State of Israel.

Message To The Audience:

The Honourable Linda Frum is a former member of the Senate of Canada. She currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and is also the Chair of the Federation’s new Countering Antisemitism and Hate Committee.

About our Presenters:

Beth Akler, OCT. She has worked in the GTA for 21 years as a History and Special Education teacher. For the past four years, she has had the pleasure of teaching Jewish Studies at the high school level.

Cindy Tobias, OCT. She has worked in the GTA at the high school level for almost 20 years. She has been teaching Jewish Studies and Israel's history for over ten years. She also teaches Jewish Philosophy and Torah Insights to adults. As well, Cindy is a Special Education and Business teacher.

Lisa Klug, OCT. This will be Lisa's 25th year working with grade 7 and 8 students. She holds teaching qualifications in many areas, including Special Education, Mathematics, Reading and Visual Art. Lisa volunteers with many different Jewish organizations.

Dr. Neil Orlowsky is the Director of Education and Chair of Global Education with the Abraham Global Peace Initiative. He holds dual PhDs in Social Justice Education and Comparative International Development Education. Dr. Orlowsky joins us, as a part-time professor with York University, following a three-year secondment in York University’s Faculty of Education.


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