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San Remo Is No Longer a Forgotten Milestone


EQUALLY IMPORTANT IS YOM SAN REMO SEE BELOW MESSAGE TO PM NETANYAHU Jerusalem, The United Holy City-The Eternal Capital of Israel. It is The City of Peace.= thousands of years old. Steeped in history, spirituality, and significance. Why a United Jerusalem is So Important

An official message to PM Netanyahu was read by CILR’s Founder and Co-CHAIR, Goldi Steiner

Message to the GOI from Irving Weisdorf, Co-Chair of CILR Irving called attention to the Government of Israel’s failure to vigorously defend, in the public arena, Israel’s historic, biblical, indigenous and legal Rights to the land of Israel from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.

On the 100th Anniversary commemoration of the San Remo Resolution, April 26, 2020, more and more voices have been asserting the historic importance of the San Remo Resolution, that was passed in the remote coastal Italian town of San Remo on April 25, 1920.


On the centenary of this date CILR and Im Tirtzu were among the most vocal in memorializing the event, with a full day's program that included such luminaries as: Justice Minister Amir Ohana, recently retired Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein. And scores of Internationally renowned Legal Experts including Avi Bell, Eugene Kontorovich, Journalist Caroline Glick, Professor Mordechai Kedar, and politicians -- too many to name here. The event has received close to 100,000 views among Israelis and other viewers.

Quotes from some of the legal experts:

Avi Bell, International Law Expert discusses Israel’s Legal Rights "At the end of a century of the Arab war on Zionism…there is an assault on the very concept of truth….we enter an era of Israel as a world power economically, technologically and militarily”.

Excerpt from Fleischer "We are in a new war, the narrative war, a battle for our reputation!"

Top Israeli leaders had high praise for CILR and IMTI’s undertaking. Among other, Min. of Justice Amir Ohana had this to say: "In 1917, The Balfour Declaration was the first stepping stone to a national home for Jewish people. Thank you to Im Tirtzu and CILR for educating and advocating for Israel”

The media, called it: “A Star Studded Event”



The opening of the Conference took place on April 18, 1920, at the Villa Devachan, in the Italian Riviera resort of San Remo, under the auspices of the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers (the victors of WWI); The last two days (April 24-25) were devoted to the disposition of the former Turkish possessions in the Middle East. (Ref: SALOMON BENZIMRA’S: JPRLI P44) It was in San Remo that Israel received what Lord Curzon called its MAGNA CARTA. And yet it took 90 years for this historic event to be brought to world attention. In 2010 the first commemoration took place in San Remo organized by Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights - CILR in co-operation with the European Coalition for Israel

Attendees include the Canadian contingent

TEACHERS WEBINAR & ALL INTERESTED INDIVIDUALS CANADIANS FOR ISRAEL’S LEGAL RIGHTS, and JTEACH.CA Are pleased to invite you to take part in an innovative and unique exploration of the situation in the Middle East.

Exceptional Learning Opportunity to understand the Middle East Situation

Please join us for our informative two-part webinar presented by Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR) Founder and Co-Chair, Goldi Steiner, and hosted by CILR Education Committee Co-Chair and Founder, Corey Margolese, on:

Sunday, June 14, 2020 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm - Understanding the Topic & Thursday, June 18, 2020 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm - Teaching the Topic View the full Webinar below


As educators, we are continually challenged to come up with new and stimulating lessons for our classrooms. Our students are constantly looking to receive information that intrigues and informs. We at CILR invite you to take part in a twopart webinar which will provide you with a new perspective on issues of the middle east conflict. The webinar will explore easy to understand lesson plans, based on those developed by Yehudit Shier Weisberg, that can be used as a unit of study to discuss all aspects of the land of Israel based on the 1922 League of Nations’ Mandate for Palestine and the work of Salomon Benzimra. Mr. Benzimra, author of The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel which serves as the main text for the unit, traces the path leading to modern day Israel in a comprehensive and comprehensible way. The lesson plans and a teacher’s guide will be provided to participants of the webinar, free of charge. This unit of study offers a unique perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as it looks at issues through the lens of logic rather than politics or religion. These lessons can easily be incorporated into units discussing subjects such as: Law, History, Civics, debate, ethics, and many more. The lessons are easily connected to many different curriculum requirements in many different subject areas. Whether an educator or simply an interested party, all are welcome.


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