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BREAKING NEWS - PART 3 - Lots of great things happening

Distribution of the book at a rally May 14/18 - Photo by Eytan Meir

Progress Report About Phase I – June 20, 2018 Phase II plans will follow shortly

On APRIL 16, 2018, in honor of Israel’s 70th Year of Independence, Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights-CILR, in partnership with IM TIRTZU, launched its Campaign to educate Israeli youth about Jewish Rights to the Land under International Law.   Phase I will be coming to a close on July 24th.    OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE

  • True to plans, thousands of copies (2,500) of the book: “The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel”, by Salomon Benzimra, have been distributed among students on campuses throughout 15 major Israeli universities. The students were then invited to fill out a quiz, based on the information in the book.  By filling out the quiz, the students became eligible to participate in a raffle contest offering 15,000 NIS (approximately $5,000 US) in prizes.  The winners will be announced on July 24th, on the date of the signing of the Mandate in 1922.

  • To date, over 500 applications have been received.

  • A 2.5 minute video (Click here) was published (in Hebrew with English subtitles) that clearly explains Jewish rights to Israel under International Law.  This video is going viral and in less than one month after posting it, it has been viewed over 130,000 times.  It has also been posted by numerous Members of Knesset from various parties.

In view of the campaign’s initial success, the significance of the cause, and the interest shown by students and the larger Israeli public, we are planning to expand the campaign both in size and in scope, with Phase II. We welcome all of you who would like to participate by donating to the cost of printing books to be handed out, and or to dedicate a scholarship in the name of a loved one.  Donations, for which charitable receipts are available, can be made online at: OR you can issue a cheque, made out to Mizrachi Canada, and mail it to: Goldi Steiner 701-10 Prue Ave. Toronto, ON, M6B 1R4


As well, and at long last, the English version of the book in paperback, The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, is now available.


For details on how to purchase:

In Canada-Paperback, single book orders:  $19.95+HST+H&S  Click HERE

In Canada for orders of more than one copy:  Click HERE

In Canada e-book:  Click  HERE

In the US:  Click HERE

In Europe:  Click HERE


For more information please email

Goldi Steiner - Founder and Chair 

Irving Weisdorf - Co-Chair

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