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Message from the Co-Chairs: Goldi Steiner & Irving Weisdorf

Please take note of the following two changes:

  1. Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights - CILR will in the future also appear as: Defending Israel’s Legal Rights - DILR

  2. Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights will operate under the auspices of: Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation - CAEF


Yesterday, June the 2nd, Israel and the entire Jewish people celebrated YOM YERUSHALAYIM, 52 years after the Six Day War. One of the most if not THE most awe-inspiring, Divinely-orchestrated episodes in history: Jerusalem’s return to the Jewish people. Watch the video here.



Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights - CILR is sponsoring Mark Vandermaas, trainee of CILR and trainer of Israel Truth Week to join JNF’s 7 day trip to Israel, meeting and connecting with Israeli educators. He will be accompanied by Goldi Steiner, Co-Chair of CILR. Following the trip together they will be reviewing what has been learned, and plan projects to launch lectures in schools across Canada. The trip is co-sponsored by Joe and Renanah Gemeiner.


Whirlwind visit by Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Middle Eastern and Arabic scholar.

Torontonians were fortunate to have Dr. Kedar for two days packed with lectures, workshops, and school visits, hosted by Speakers Action Group and Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, under the auspices of Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation at a luncheon attended by the Hon. Peter Kent, P.C, M.P and other community leaders.

He showed that the Arab attachment to Jerusalem was only as a “bimcom” at the time when Mecca and Medina was denied to them. Dr. Kedar focused mainly on the so-called ‘occupation’ showing how there are many occupations in the world but Judea and Samaria are not occupied. In 1920, at San Remo Conference, the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers produced a document which resulted in the Mandate for Palestine in 1922, including the Balfour Declaration, later approved by the 52 nations of the League of Nations in 1923. This document is in the United Nations records stating that the land legally belongs to Israel. It is the Palestinians who are occupying Israeli land. In other words, you can not occupy your own land.

L-R: Dr.Mordechai Kedar, Goldi Steiner, Hon. Peter Kent, P.C., M.P. Carrie Katz
L-R: Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Goldi Steiner, Hon. Peter Kent, PC.,M.P. Andria Spindel

Debunking the Myth of the Expulsion & Occupation

Dr. Kedar was also hosted by Jews For Judaism, in collaboration with CILR in a program titled Debunking the Myth of the Expulsion and Occupation. He spoke passionately about the basis for Jewish rights to the land of Israel, focusing on the historical evidence which describes our link to this land from biblical times. The topic was well received and several people referred to Salomon Benzimra’s book The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, a superb summary of our rights. Dr. Kedar also spoke at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda on: The Struggle Over Jerusalem Between Judaism and Islam.


Class of Or Chaim with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, flanked by Pearl Kraft, Goldi Steiner, Rabbi Gal Ben-Meir, and Yaacov Rand

Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights - CILR, and Hasbara Fellowships, collaborated in bringing Dr. Mordechai Kedar to teach students about The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel. Pearl Kraft, Hasbara’s High School advisor had this to say: Through such lecturers, local high school students and educators learned of different approaches and the many ways to get involved. Also, when they get to university they are much better equipped to deal with anti-Israel activities. They learn of the resources available to them. Students are very receptive to guest speakers, such as ,Mark Vandermaas and Dr. Kedar, both of who were incredibly engaging and left students feeling empowered and inspired to proudly stand up for Israel!

Class of Uppnat Orot, with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, seen also Pearl Kraft of Hasbara Fellowships, and Goldi Steiner


Special meeting with Mordechai Kedar for training on advocating for Israel with non-informed, non-educated. What we need to know… how to say it?

The essence of Dr. Kedar’s message was to be Pro-Active, and to take a stand.


Atta Farhat, the head of the Druze Zionist Council who was a panelist at our first panel, wrote a political post about a supreme court ruling that gave Arabs the "right of return" to Israel. He emphasized his opposition to the ruling and posted a photo of the Legal Rights book.


Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights in partnership with IM TIRTZU held its fifth panel of Phase 2 of this academic year, headlining the “Rights of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel". They also discussed the forthcoming "Deal of the Century," and how it pertains to our legal rights. (See flyer below)

In the photo, from left to right: journalist and TV host Maayan Adam, former member of Knesset, journalist and TV host Sharon Gal (who was one of the few people who interviewed PM Netanyahu before the elections), Shadi Haloul, head of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association and Israel Hayom's Arab affairs reporter Daniel Sirioti.

Here is the latest panel - in it Shadi Haloul is discussing Israeli sovereignty:


Matan Peleg, CEO of IM TIRTZU was invited to give a talk to a Mechina (pre-IDF training school) at the national event for the Council for Mechinot in Israel, in which all the Mechinot in the country came to Jerusalem's Pais Arena to meet.

While Matan spoke, hundreds of Salomon Benzimra’s The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel have been distributed.


Im Tirtzu recently launched a website listing dozens of Israeli professors who are employed at publicly funded universities yet engage in anti-Israel activity. Matan Peleg stressed the harm caused to Israel by these professors.

“While tremendous amounts of resources are invested in Israel and throughout the world to combat the international BDS movement, these radical professors are undermining these efforts by promoting BDS from within Israel,” said Peleg. Peleg continued: “There is no parallel in the world to this phenomenon of hypocrisy and ungratefulness, in which these professors earn their living at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer yet at the same time work to boycott and slander them. Read more here

Pro-Israel activists hold ‘Nakba Day Party’ to counter ‘nakba’ ceremony at TAU

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg called the nakba narrative an “obscene historical distortion” the sole purpose of which is to undermine the existence of the State of Israel. Read more here


Celebrating Yom Ha-Atzmaut with Israel's Consul General

L-R: Andria Spindel, Goldi Steiner, Consul General of the Embassy of Israel Galit Baram, and Irving Weisdorf celebrating Yom Ha-Atzmaut

One picture is worth more than a thousand words


In the video below, Stephen Harper, the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, lays out several fundamental truths about America’s most critical ally.


The Nine Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ are here to save Israel

For many American Jews it is a source of profound discomfort and embarrassment that Jews actually carry weapons and fight. Read more here. Mr. Altabef is the Chairman of the Board of Im Tirtzu


If I could choose only one book to read about Israel that is most important in today’s climate of anti-Semitism, I would choose The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel , by the late and most beloved Salomon Benzimra… - Diane Bederman Read more here


PS: The Paperback edition of The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel is now available:

In Canada: Click HERE In the US: Click HERE In Europe: Click HERE

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