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In view of the campaign's tremendously successful Phase I, along with the significance of the cause, and the interest shown by students and the larger Israeli and Diaspora public in the subject and in the book: The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel - JPRLI by Salomon Benzimra, we are expanding the campaign both in size and scope.



  1. Present the facts that demonstrate conclusively without any doubt, Israel's legal rights to their land and debunk the absurdity of the “OCCUPATION” accusation.

  2. Strengthening the faith and knowledge of Israeli society in the justness of the Zionist enterprise and of the State of Israel;

  3. Push back against the emergence of the recently founded organization, IfNotNOW and their poisonous Anti-Israel agenda, to bring the facts about Israel’s Legal Rights to the fore, until every student the world over is properly educated about the truth.

In order to take the campaign to the next level and significantly influence both Israeli youth and society as a whole, we propose a concentrated public campaign which will include:  

  1. Reaching out to all Israeli and other NGOs, Jewish and non-Jewish, to unite efforts to counteract the clear and present danger posed by the infiltration of  IfNotNow, and other enemies of the Jewish state who are spreading their venomous and destructive lies.

  2. Holding at least 6 major events – starting this summer or fall-- each comprised of three panelists and a moderator, at Israeli universities and throughout the country.

  3. Short video highlights on social media promoting the truth of Israel's legal rights.

  4. Distributing several thousand additional copies of the JPRLI by Salomon Benzimra to Israeli students as well as to the attendees of the panel discussions.

Phase II of the Campaign will target the General Public, followed by focus on Politicians and Diplomats, with priority given at all times to the Student population.

With many years of experience by Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, and a strong foothold on university campuses by Im Tirtzu’s, we want to increase our efforts to educate students, and academia as a whole.

We strongly believe that students have the power to shape public opinion, and influence family and friends. They are the generation that represents the future electorate and leaders of our nation.

By uploading clips from the panels’ speakers to social media, the messages will not only reach the people who were present, but the larger public as well. Im Tirtzu's Facebook page is one of the largest pro-Israel, Hebrew-language platforms in Israel, with over 200,000 followers.  Combined with those of CILR and affiliate organizations in Israel and elsewhere, we hope to reach audiences of millions.

This Social media effort, together with articles we will supply to the Mainstream Media will provide optimal exposure to advance the goals of the campaign.


The success of this historic project depends on the support and contribution of YOU, our concerned friends and associates.  Its outcome will be our reward!

We are reaching out to all who are ready/willing/and able to assist in bringing this project to its maximum potential by contributing to the cost of publishing thousands more books -- free to all – one for every student in Israel!

Donations can be made online to:

And by cheque issued to MIZRACHI CANADA and mailed to: Goldi Steiner 701-10 Prue Ave Toronto, ON, M6B 1R4 CHARITABLE RECEIPTS ARE AVAILABLE. PS:  The Paperback edition of The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel is now available:

In Canada:  Click HERE In the US:  Click HERE In Europe:  Click HERE


For more information please email

Goldi Steiner - Founder and Chair 

Irving Weisdorf - Co-Chair

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