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We salute our partner, Im Tirtzu


We are delighted to welcome Andria Spindel in her new role as Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Semitism Education Foundation (CAEF), which has operated for over 18 years as Speakers Action Group. Andria has over 40 years’ experience in senior executive roles with major Canadian charities, and extensive volunteer work.

The mission of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights is aligned with the mission of CAEF, to combat antisemitism, racism and bigotry, and build relations with other communities. Today, antisemitism is often disguised as anti-Zionism, and the denial of the rights of the Jewish people to its own national home in Israel.


We weep for the latest terror victim: Ori Ansbacher. We look forward to the day when ‘peace will come’ and Israeli moms will no longer live in fear of the knock on the door….

Our campaign is all about bringing awareness to Israelis and the world-at-large about the Jewish people’s legal rights to the land of Israel, and abolishing the lie about Jews being ‘occupiers’ in their own land.


Caroline Glick, author, political analyst, candidate for Knesset acknowledges CILR’s publication. See the book The Jewish People's Rights to the Land of Israel.


Prime Minister Netanyahu claims occupation myth is nonsense. Read more


Nikki Haley Launches Advocacy Group, STAND FOR AMERICA, Continues Staunch Support for Israel. Read more



Watch the video below: 6 Facts That You Need to Know About Israel’s Legal Rights, produced by Im Tirtzu

Among our latest accomplishments, this video in English went viral, and was visited by over 200,000 viewers. Please continue to share.


Presentation made to Professor Efraim Karsh

Professor Efraim Karsh, Director, Begin-Sadat Center, was presented by Irving Weisdorf with a copy of The Jewish People's Rights to the Land of Israel by Salomon Benzimra at a recent lunch in Toronto.

Sitting from right to left: Irving Weisdorf, Joe Nadler, Rabbi Michael Stroh, Rabbi John Moskowitz, Joseph Shier, Efraim Karsh, Michael Diamond. Missing from the photo: Shaul Silver, Andria Spindel & Aurel Braun.


Hacohen Outlines the Dangers of an Israeli Withdrawal from Areas A & B

Maj. Gen. (res) Gershon Hacohen, one of our distinguished panelists hosted by CILR/IMTI last Fall. Had this to say: “Without Judea and Samaria, Israel cannot defend Tel Aviv”. Read more


News from our Partner, Im Tirtzu

In strengthening the values of Zionism and defending the Jewish and democratic State of Israel, the following significant outcomes were achieved by Im Tirtzu:

1. Influenced the government to expel the anti-Zionist, World Council of Churches a group that fueled conflict with the IDF soldiers, and were a true obstacle to peace. Read more

2. Hebrew University professor was scolding a student for wearing her IDF uniform to class; but then the university published a special ad welcoming students in uniform to study at the university. We are pleased that our widespread efforts, which included facilitating the sending of over 45,000 emails to the university administration, organizing demonstrations, and pushing the issue in the media, resulted in this positive show of support for our soldiers.

3. Attracted comments by Arabic media, including Hamas-run Al-Resalah, on the news that the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem issued an unprecedented halachic ruling; that the obligation to free unfairly imprisoned Jews applies equally to Arabs. In this case he was referring to Arabs illegally abducted by the Palestinian Authority for selling land to Jews. Im Tirtzu had exposed the story. Read more: JNSJerusalem PostIsrael Hayom.

4. Advocated successfully for the removal from office of the recently appointed Deputy Mayor of Haifa, Raja Zaatry, who is a member of the Communist Party of Israel, a Hezbollah supporter and had actively worked to harm the co-existence between Jews and Arabs. Read more In response to the comments from Hamas and the Communist Party respectively, both decrying the work of Im Tirtzu, Matan Peleg, the CEO stated, “Coming from them, we’ll take that as a compliment.”


More News from Israel

As reported in Israel Unwired, February 16, 2019, a majority of Likud MKs do not support a two state solution. Read more


Misconceptions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Saudi Arabian Spokesman States the Quran Does Not Mention “Palestinians”. Read more Hamas Interior Minister States “Palestinians” Don’t Deserve Their Own State. Read more


Sincerely, Goldi Steiner & Irving Weisdorf Co - Chairs

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