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Meeting with Consul General Galit Baram

On July 24th, 2018, Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights - CILR convened a meeting at the Israeli Consulate with top Jewish Community leaders, with the intent of combatting the recent emergence in the news of an insidious NGO called IfNotNow.

Posing as a pro-Israel group, much like JStreet, IfNotNow is advocating for a boycott of Israeli-made products to pressure Israel into ‘Ending the Occupation”.  IfNotNow has been attempting to infiltrate Jewish summer camps in order to indoctrinate high school students at a most vulnerable age.

Our meeting was attended by B'nai B’rith, UJA/Federation, and CIJA, as well as top community leaders and philanthropists, representing Birthright, March of the Living, camp and day-school officials.

Many opinions were heard -- most important among them the imperative facing us of educating our youth, who are as yet uninformed or misinformed and thus fall prey to anti-Zionist activity.  As Julia Koschitzky -- a prominent community leader and philanthropist – stated we must begin the education program at the Senior High School level, because students are entering university unprepared to deal with the anti-Zionist rhetoric on campus.

Irving Weisdorf, Co-Chair of CILR, proposed that we form a coalition of community leaders to develop a serious plan to combat this continuing threat.

Goldi Steiner, Founder and Chair of CILR asked Consul General, Galit Baram, to join us for a follow-up meeting within a month.

Printed copies of articles about IfNotNow were distributed, including one containing a photo of IfNotNow members saying Mourners Kaddish for Palestinian terrorists killed in Gaza.

Consul General Baram was gifted a copy of The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel - JPRLI in both Hebrew and English.  This is CILR’s highly regarded educational tool to fill the knowledge gap of our children.

With pride, we turn your attention to recent coverage of CILR’s work in the Jerusalem Post: 

PS:  The Paperback edition of The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel is now available:

In Canada:  Click HERE In the US:  Click HERE In Europe:  Click HERE


In the meantime, CILR is moving forward with its Campaign-2018, Phase Two for which we are accepting donations. Click here to donate.  Thank you for your continued support.

Goldi Steiner - Founder and Chair 

Irving Weisdorf - Co-Chair

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